Spring seedlings. Low sprouts of peppers grown at home in boxes. The sprouts of pepper grown from seed


Culture is Transformative

Foodelux is determined to prevent any food or products from going to waste. To support our cause and the sustainability of our supply chain, we have partnered with Food for Soul in supplying two refettorios (refettorio Ambrosiano & refettorio Paris) with any surplus ingredients that would have otherwise been thrown away, helping people in situations of social and economic vulnerability to receive nutritious meals.

Volunteers giving food to homeless people outdoors

Wanna see our work?

Wanna see our work?

Last Mile Logistic

Foodelux is currently working to implement a system of local storage hubs and E-cargobikes equipped with refrigerated cargos to optimize last-mile delivery under several perspectives. E-cargobikes can move fast through dedicated bike lanes, avoiding any type of delay associated with traffic and providing customers with a better service while reducing congestion and pollution in the city centers.

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